BattleNet Diagnostic Tool v3.0

The BattleNet Diagnostic Tool is an extensive troubleshooting utility designed specifically for Blizzard gamers who are experiencing technical difficulties.

The application enables you to perform various diagnostic tests which can precisely identify the cause for the problems you may be having, and also assist you in resolving them; so you can get back to gaming ASAP.

This is accomplished by simulating the conditions which trigger your problem, then diagnosing the activity which lead to the error arising. Providing you with detailed information of the issue you're having, along with possible resolution(s) to your problem based on this information.

BattleNet Diagnostic Tool will also compile a log of all your diagnosises, along with relevent information, which you can post on the Technical Support Forum if you're unable to resolve the problem yourself.


Unlike it's blatently ugly predecessors, Bnet Diagnostic Tool v3.0 sports a brand new user interface which makes for ease-of-use and eliminates the possibility of typographical errors. Additionally, several new features have been added which expand the scope of the application's error detection range, and overall functionality immensely. Below summarizes the application's features.

Ø User-friendly interface.
Ø Diagnosis of connection issues.
Ø Diagnosis of game hosting issues (Warcraft III)
Ø Diagnosis of Staracraft UDP problems.
Ø Diagnosis of CD-reading issues.
Ø Diagnosis of closed game network issues.
Ø Real-time server status information.
Ø Discovery of networked computers.


(Q.) What problems can the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool help me with?
(A.) Problems such as receiving the "Unable to connect" message when attempting to connect to a realm, or if you're unable to host Warcraft III games which other players can join.

The Starcraft UDP problem has also been addressed, wherein you receive an error message stating "... or you are not processing UDP packets through port 6112.".

Additionally, if you're receiving error messages relating to your game CD being unable to be read, or, you're having troubles playing Warcraft III games over a Local Area Network you can benefit from the use of this application.

(Q.) Is the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool free?
(A.) Yes, it's freeware. You are although bound by a license agreement which is valid as soon as you make use of the software.

(Q.) Does the program contain any malware/spyware/viruses/ect... ?
(A.) No.

(Q.) Was the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool created by Blizzard?
(A.) No. Blizzard, nor any of it's associates, played a role in the development of the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool in any way, shape or form.

(Q.) Does this program violate the license agreement I have with Blizzard?
(A.) No. The BattleNet Diagnostic Tool is run totally independent of any Blizzard game, nor does it interact with the server (or any game client) in an inappropiate way.

(Q.) Can the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool tell me if I'm banned from a realm?
(A.) Yes, but it cannot determine how long it will last for (it's not possible).

(Q.) How does the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool know the status of servers?
(A.) It retrieves the information from a seperate computer which periodically polls the status of the servers.


The BattleNet Diagnostic Tool is currently in it's initial beta stages, which means there's very minimal functionality.

Before I can continue development on the application, I need to test the application's underlying framework on various Window's platforms. Your participation in beta testing is very much appreciated and will lead to an earlier final release date.

The application is intended to run on any Windows platform after Windows NT 4.0, therefor, if you wish to beta test the application you must have one of the following Window's platforms:

Windows NT 4.0
Windows 95
Windows 98/SE
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP SP1
Windows XP SP2, or
Windows Vista

Once you have run the application (BnetDiagTool.exe), a log will be generated entitled "Log_BETA.txt", please forward the contents of this log to me, along with any error details that you may receive. Thanks.

Participate in BETA testing (Download)

The source code for the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool is also available here (Download)

Stable Release v2.2 (Download)

If you wish to give any feedback on the BattleNet Diagnostic Tool, such as comments or suggestions, feel free to do so below.